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Graveyard Innovation

Results-Driven Innovation For Entrepreneurs With Original Ideas

We design and execute winning strategies for entrepreneurs with original ideas. Not just because winning is fun (it is!) and not just because we're competitive (we are!), but because winners write the history books. 

We're committed to you winning because we want a new generation of entrepreneurs, business owners, and conscious leaders to author the next phase of history. 

Unfortunately, the internet has become a Graveyard of Wasted Content as our founder Michael Mapes pointed out a year ago. This is a genuine waste; a tragedy. Articles that show people how to do things and share inspirational stories lost on a blog where no one will find them. Free downloads, reports useful information of all kinds stuck in some folder on Dropbox or Google Drive. Courses, classes, books half started, webinars, podcasts, videos...stories partially told, maybe even deleted. 

This is not lost content to be is richness and originality (and profit!) waiting to be resurrected.

How did we get here? It's a result of broken business models and practices--the data backs this up with staggering clarity. Most of you aren't winning; 
  • 90% of businesses are failing within 10 years
  • The earning potential and revenue generation for most entrepreneurs is abysmal; with even profitable businesses finding themselves overexposed or overleveraged
  • Business models are in desperate need of innovation 
Most stunningly of all; marketing and business development has become the problem in many cases encouraging entrepreneurs to
  • copy others rather than build new products, imagine new services or test new business models; 
  • use outdated tactics that diminish rather than elevate; and
  • rely on flawed logic that ignore rapidly shifting conditions online and offline
We design and execute winning strategies that are unique to your idea, values and business because we know that telling original stories is the only way to win in a saturated market and rapidly shifting economy. 

If you want to win...
If you want to get ahead...without having to constantly keep up...

Then understand the founding principle of Graveyard Innovation, and the foundation of winning in business:

Winning requires liberating yourself from the tyranny of conventional wisdom.

Put another way, stop doing what other people are doing; and start doing something better. 

Contact a strategist today to see how Graveyard Innovation can help you win. 

The Marketing is Broken Blog & The Better Letter

Our publication, "The Marketing is Broken Blog," and our request only newsletter, "The Better Letter" break new ground in storytelling by exposing major problems with online commerce, contemporary marketing and other areas relevant to business owners and entrepreneurs interested in doing things differently (read: better); and advance a conversation concerning how we might solve these problems using innovative, original and ethical solutions. 

Featuring longform and shortform articles-and adopting a unique point of view we think of as a sort of "positive contrarian" perspective with a slight tincture of acid-we'd be honored if you'd check out "The Blog" and "The Letter." 

If you're interested in writing an article, know someone we should talk to (or about!) OR you'd like to have "The Better Letter" sent to your mailbox ( is an actual printed letter!) send an email to
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